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First, take a look at the following playlist examples below to get the idea about the playlist structure.

M3U playlist example: http://siptv.app/lists/example.m3u
TXT playlist example: http://siptv.app/lists/example.txt (old method)

Using M3U playlist format (.m3u file extension)

The following attributes are also supported in M3U playlists:

  • tvg-id – channel code from EPG code table
  • tvg-name – channel name from EPG code table
  • group-title – channel group
  • parent-code – group parent code
  • audio-track – ISO 639-1 audio track code (LG only, see codes table)
  • tvg-logo – path to the big channel logo, minimum height should be 48px
  • tvg-logo-small – path to the small square channel logo, min height should be 48px (works in the latest app versions only)
  • timeshift, tvg-rec – timeshift availability for specific channel
Smart IPTV for LG, Samsung, Android TV and MAG (Aura HD) STBs
Disclaimer: No channels are included in the application. Application developers are not responsible for the content uploaded to it.

Primary channels screen (not available on Android TV version!)


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